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It is now a year since The Social Enterprise was founded. Since that time, our website – – has remained static. This blog will present a more dynamic virtual window on to the work of the organisation, its work and clients.

As a reminder, below is posted information on The Social Entperise:

The Social Enterprise strives to change society for the better. Our services range from public relations to policymaking, stakeholder engagement to research and innovation. We work with a wide array of clients, including charities and businesses, on a partnership basis. Our fee structure, and approach to work, is flexible in order to offer what is affordable and convenient for our clients.

By definition we engage in daring and difficult action, undertaking projects that are often complicated and/or risky. We work systematically, purposefully and creatively to build our enterprise to deliver transformative solutions that are pattern breaking, sustainable and scalable.

The Social Enterprise relishes the opportunity to address issues of social importance to enact positive change in the world. Ultimately, we deliver for our clients a return on investment in our services – whether in the form of increased funding, raised awareness or an effective new approach to its work.

The business, as the name indicates, has a social mission. We choose to work with organisations that strive to make a difference, not just a profit. We measure our success against a triple bottom line: financial, social and environmental. The surplus we generate is reinvested in the business and our clients.

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May 14, 2008 at 8:06 pm

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