Following your passion, or not

Dan Cable writes in the Harvard Business Review that contrary to popular belief, conveyed by the likes of Steve Jobs, we should not necessarily follow our passion when choosing what work we do… “if you’re looking to find a career that will matter to you, instead of looking only in the direction of ‘passion,’ also think about the activities that you return to — despite the fact that they are harder to complete than things you are more immediately or emotionally drawn to.” Often it is the difficult and challenging roles that prove to be the most meaningful, and they may not be the ones you love doing.

About thesocialenterprise

The Social Enterprise was established in 2007 by David Russell to develop creative and innovative approaches for individuals and organisations that seek to deliver social value. We work with charities and businesses, and our starting point on any project is to determine how we will generate a return on investment in our services – whether through a more effective working approach or delivering greater social impact.
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