You Only Live Once (YOLO)

As many of us consider our future careers in light of the lockdowns of the past year, some are considering a radical departure to do something different, driven by the realisation that “You Only Live Once” (YOLO). In this article, Welcome to the YOLO economy, by Kevin Roose he explores the implications that this may have on the individual and the economy ahead. As he notes “If “languishing” is 2021’s dominant emotion, YOLOing may be the year’s defining workforce trend.” Certainly I have been reflecting on what is meaningful of late, and maybe you have as well?

“We’ve all had a year to evaluate if the life we’re living is the one we want to be living,” said Christina Wallace, a senior lecturer at Harvard Business School. “Especially for younger people who have been told to work hard, pay off your loans and someday you’ll get to enjoy your life, a lot of them are questioning that equation. What if they want to be happy right now?”

About thesocialenterprise

The Social Enterprise was established in 2007 by David Russell to develop creative and innovative approaches for individuals and organisations that seek to deliver social value. We work with charities and businesses, and our starting point on any project is to determine how we will generate a return on investment in our services – whether through a more effective working approach or delivering greater social impact.
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