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Parent Club

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Parent Club is a new Charitable Incorporated Organisation (registration pending) which is developing a new early years initiative called Kitchen Clubs.

Kitchen Clubs are community spaces for parents of pre-school children to connect over lunch. We aim to promote healthy eating, reduce social isolation and improve mental well-being, supporting parents to give their children the best start possible.

Kitchen Club ingredients:

  • Parents of children aged 0-4
  • A community kitchen space for 3 hours per week
  • A cookery professional
  • Two Early Years Professionals
  • A project co-ordinator

What happens at a Kitchen Club?

Once a week, in a community space with kitchen, a delicious, healthy lunch[1] is available for local parents of pre-school children.

Before each meal there is an optional hands-on cookery workshop with crèche and, after lunch, a soft play drop-in session is supported by two Early Years Professionals[2].

Anyone responsible for a child under five can become a member of their local Kitchen Club, but there is a special focus on engaging those who could benefit the most. We aim to work in partnership with children’s centres and other services to reach as many parents as possible. Membership is free for parents who are eligible for healthy start vouchers, otherwise we suggest a £5 donation.

Kitchen Clubs support parents to organise around what is important to them and can also provide a venue for professionals to visit if parents choose to invite them. We also signpost to other organisations, connecting families to services they might not otherwise reach.


Cooking and eating together is good for us. Spending time in a friendly, supportive environment helps build the confidence and resilience necessary to meet the challenges of parenting.

As well as giving feedback after individual sessions, parents are also invited to complete a short, confidential self-assessment survey about healthy eating, parenting and personal wellbeing, which may be repeated after a series of Kitchen Club lunches. This allows us to measure:

  • Increased confidence about healthy eating
  • Improved confidence about being a parent.
  • Improved mental well-being

Pilot phase:

The pilot phase, funded by Lloyds Bank and the School for Social Entrepreneurs, starts in May 2014 at The Boilerhouse community centre on Cazenove road, Hackney on Fridays between 11.30-2.30. Click here for a flyer. And for further information, please contact


[1] Vegetarian food and workshop delivered in partnership at the Boilerhouse with local charity Made in Hackney

[2] EYPs from Carlisle Managed Solutions (used by Hackney Learning Trust; identity and Dbs checked)

Written by thesocialenterprise

February 22, 2012 at 6:50 pm

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  1. This looks great!

    Chris Brown

    February 23, 2012 at 4:21 am

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